Welcome to Winkler Works Specialty Contractors, Inc.

37-Year-Old Commercial Drywall Subcontractor

Hello, and welcome to Winkler Works Specialty Contractors, a 37-year-old drywall subcontractor.

Winkler Works Specialty Contractors are popular among all the contractors in and around Baltimore, Washington area for executing projects using exceptional skills.

Winkler Works is a commercial drywall subcontractor. We specialize in acoustical ceilings, tenant fit-outs and exterior wall systems for office buildings, retail stores, shopping centers, restaurants, schools, medical facilities and churches.

If you need any of these services done, remember that we offer impeccable services.

Over the years, we have completed a variety of projects for commercial and retail clients, and a lot of customized projects as well. Our experienced personnel partner with suppliers and our reliable labor crew, to execute our customers’ vision, and they do that within the agreed time.

We have done a lot of excellent work so far!

Winkler Works prides itself to withstand and survive all economic climates and turmoil occurred recently and in the past. Even today we remain financially strong and continue to move ahead successfully in the construction industry.

We have been around since 1985, and we are known to complete our work on time, on schedule and within the budget.

Winkler Works Specialty Contractors, Inc. VALUES the business relationships built over years of reputable work and exceptional

project execution. Over the past 30 years, we have been doing repeat, quality work for a variety of clients including:

  • St. John Properties
  • Kinsley Construction
  • Herman/Stewart Construction
  • NTC/Mazzuca Contracting
  • A & A Commercial Contracting
  • Mace Construction
  • J.C. Porter Construction
  • Mullan Contracting
  • And several other general contractors